The Empty Hills

Karen Myers

A story from The Hounds of Annwn

He has seen marvels in the fae otherworld. Now he want to return the favor.

George Talbot Traherne arranges a small tour of the local human world for his fae family and friends, hoping to share some of the sense of wonder he discovered when he encountered the fae otherworld.

He’s worried about discovery by other humans, but things don’t turn out quite the way he expects.

This short story takes place during the events in King of the May and is included in Tales of Annwn.

The Empty Hills

Publication date: July 13, 2013. 30 pages.
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Editorial Reviews

Karen Myers’ substantive knowledge of venery and her credible interpretation of the interplay between man, hound, and quarry provide a satisfying and authentic foundation for her imaginative and enjoyable stories.
Foxhunting Life