Announcing… Bound into the Blood (Book 4 of The Hounds of Annwn)

Bound into the Blood - Full Front Cover - WidgetBound into the Blood is now available at a variety of retailers in both paperback and ebook formats.

The fourth entry in The Hounds of Annwn series continues the story of George Talbot Traherne's adventures as a human huntsman in the fae otherworld of the Virginia Piedmont. For a complete list of books in the series, see here.

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Bound into the Blood (excerpt) – Chapter 1

Bound into the Blood - Full Front Cover - Widget


It was time to move again, he decided. Soon. He searched his face in the mirror. Ten years in one place was enough. The first jokes about how young he still looked had started, and his unchanging appearance would only raise more questions if he lingered much longer.

He grimaced. It’s getting harder each time to set up a new identity, he thought, to stay off the grid. Maybe I should move to another country altogether, one with bigger problems than surveilling its citizens. I could last a long time in some country in Africa, if I could figure out a way to get there without a passport. And there are interesting beasts there to turn my hand to.

Or maybe I should just stop and put an end to it, the last of my line of the special breed, the pure blood.

He’d done what he had to do, twenty-odd years ago, and he remembered it still each morning when he woke. Nothing much had seemed real to him after that, after he fled and left it all, worlds behind. His death wouldn’t seem real either, when it came, he suspected, just the long-delayed natural conclusion. Well, at least he’d be done with it, then. He was tired of the fight. It would be a welcome relief, a silence and a forgetting.

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